Thursday, June 3, 2010


- I overuse the word 'also' in my life.
- The thing I want more than anything these days is a good spinach salad. We get zero raw vegetables here and I can feel my arteries clogging. Yesterday I bought a green pepper and ate it plain because I miss raw vegetables so much.
- Yesterday Kallie and I followed two different wedding processions trying to get invited to a wedding but it didn't work.
- My Chacos smell worse than they ever have thanks to the cows of Varanasi and my own sweat.
- in Varanasi we had mangoes that you squeeze until they are squishy and then suck out the pulpy juice from the top. I will be trying this method with mangoes at home and I will be very sad if it doesn't work.
- In the month or so before India I probably took about two photos. I don't know what caused my lack of motivation, but it lasted into the first few weeks of India. Before Varanasi I took 500 photos. In Varanasi I took almost 200. I cannot wait to edit them all.
- The desktop image on this computer is the guy who works here's face. I find that hilarious.

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