Monday, April 5, 2010

This might seem trivial...

The very first time I prayed intentionally by myself I was sitting in our orange tree. Orange trees are the very best to climb. The branches are knobby, which makes it very easy to climb, even for a small five-year-old. In the spring, they grow very beautiful white flowers, which are lovely to smell even if you are allergic. The leaves are thick and very dark green, which block out the Arizona sun and create your own little world. And of course...there are oranges. The biggest, juiciest, naval oranges you have ever seen. What could be better than perching in a tree and eating oranges all afternoon long?

Friday, while procrastinating, I was on Google Earth. Since the town I currently live in is a green blur on Google Earth, I was looking at the Arizona house. Last time I did this, I noticed that they got a trampoline (which Dad always told us wouldn't fit). This time I noticed something more tragic than that: the orange tree is gone. I don't know if it got sick or if it just got too big. I know that it is silly to mourn a tree, but it really was a great tree.

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