Saturday, April 17, 2010

festival of faith and writing, day 3.

"I became a writer because I was born baffled."
Parker Palmer, "The Shadow of My Hand on the Paper: Writing and Living a Life."

"Faith is being willing to acknowledge the contradictions and live among them."
Parker Palmer

"In my experience at least, God does not tell me what to do but companions me in the darkest places."
Parker Palmer

"[poetry] offers us a way to be creative with our faith that sometimes we lose if we participate merely in the church side of our faith."
Rhoda Janzen, "Writing With a Poet's Eye: Rhoda Janzen and Thomas Lynch in Conversation"

"I wasn't trying to say 'this happened to me.' I was trying to say 'this happens.'"
Thomas Lynch

"In my relationship to nature I have chosen lust. I have chosen love and to enjoy as many things as I can."
Kathleen Dean Moore, "Leaves and Bones: the Art of Spiritual Nature Writing"

"I truly believe that one of the most wonderful and reverent things you can say to another human being is 'look!'"
Kathleen Dean Moore

"The way to get rid of cliché in your writing is to be absolutely honest. Did the wind 'roar in like a lion?' Not really."
Kathleen Dean Moore

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