Friday, April 16, 2010

festival of faith and writing, day 2.

"I was flabbergasted to learn that thousands of women had burned their bras in public. I didn't even know you were allowed to say 'bra.'"
Rhoda Janzen

"This leap from captivity to restoration is the same leap we take to move forward toward the mystery of faith."
Rhoda Janzen

"This is our story and it isn't pretty but it can change."
Rhoda Janzen, "Memoir as Captivity Narrative"

"Not writing what I know but edging into what I didn't know."
Eugene Peterson, "Poet and Pastor on Patmos"

"You have to find a way to pull the readers through the pages - but not a cheap way."
Brady Udall

"Formal structure allows the emotional and creative mind to take over - readers need the formal structure to allow emotions free rein."
Brady Udall, "How to Build a Novel"

"If you try to work from the raw material of life you very quickly come up short."
Dara Horn, "Belief as a Generator of Plot in Fiction"

"Books are slow. They draw you into contemplation and solitude. Computers are for grazing and impatience."
Karl Pohrt, speaking on a panel entitled "the Case for Printed Books"

Today was, for the most part, more instructive. But everyone was still beautiful and eloquent and gave me so much to think about. Also, Rhoda is still fabulous.

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  1. Rhoda Janzen is my academic advisor, and also one of the most incredible women I have ever met. She's pretty much amazing. :)