Tuesday, September 7, 2010


- senioritis has already hit hard. not good news.
- last night, instead of the thousands of things i have to do this week, i wrote my advice list for india (not due until the prep class starts next spring)
- i have listened to the gayatri mantra online so many times yesterday and today.
- i have two internships. nine hours per week each. that is terrifying.
- you know what's boring? briefing supreme court cases. in other words, i think that 1% of me that was still considering law school sometime in the future has been convinced otherwise.
- this morning i went to meijer for: foil, pam, diet coke, school supplies, and eggs. i came home with: foil, pam, diet coke, and two donuts.
- good intentions has been the theme of this year so far. right now i have four word documents open with assignments due today through next monday. i have internet tabs open with schedules for ottawa county courthouse and fred johnson's campaign--for my internships. but i'm doing this blog.

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