Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I have finally reached a point where I'm not embarrassed about this.

Poetry by me, age 7. I had checked out a rhyming dictionary from the library; can you tell? Spelling/grammatical errors kept intact.

"I hoped"
I hoped to the pawn shop
to buy a cough drop.

I saw a little Flower
growing in the ground. it was
such a sunny morning That
it led me to another flower.

I saw a bear in underwear, I didn't care I dared go.
Just then a mare apered holding a pear.
He saw the Bear and disappeared

I sneezed in the breeze
I wonder if I have feas?
do you sneeze in the breeze?
you must have fleas.

Blue is the blue-birds,
and the ocaen so blue
and blue is. you, you, you!

There is so much more and it's all this good. Wow.

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