Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In the beginning

This semester I am in a poetry class. I had been hesitant to post poems before, since they really are still works in progress. But I decided to get over it. So here's one I wrote for the "myth" assignment. Comments welcome since next week we have to revise.

Incest, murder, rape.
Stories not meant for children.
But, for two curious PKs
they were:
before bed, on roadtrips, repeated later
to gawking friends at school.
Stories of ancient ancestors
paralleling the not so ancient ones:

Jacob served seven years to get Rachel
(Keith waited seven years for Denise
to say yes.)
And when the morning came,
there was Leah!
(the que sera, sera
of a career minister.)
So Abram went,
from his people
to the place the Lord showed him.
(So the Krebs went,
from their people
to Iowa, to Michigan, to Arizona.)

And the Spirit of God was
over the waters
(as the Spirit
hovers still
over your life)
And it was
very good.

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