Thursday, May 20, 2010

10rs. an hour

Today we are in Trichy (Tirucchirappali but no one says that). We found an internet place by the hotel that is 10rs ($.25). for one hour. At least nine of us are in here, spread out through the different rooms. A couple minutes ago Dirksen yelled "We're on knowhope!" (it's our Times of India article) and everyone scrambled to check it. Here are some more random thoughts:
- If you ever want to know what it's like to have paparazzi, come to India. Today we were just sitting on this rock resting and I think fifty pictures were taken.
- If you ever make it to Bangalore, India, do not take an autorickshaw. All of the drivers are nuts.
- In Tamil (the language of the state we are in now), 'goodbye' is 'tata.' So apparently Tigger can speak Tamil.
- Today at the restaurant they put butter and cheese powder on our rice and it tasted like spicy macaroni. Yum.
- This 9 hour time difference is annoying.
- My mom sends the best, most random letters. Today's included pictures of a sculpture she saw in Des Moines recently.
- My little sister is running at the state track meet today and graduating on Sunday!

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  1. Hi Maria,
    I'm glad you are getting my random letters! You will have a birthday soon. We hope it is happy, fulfilling, and your best ever. I hope you get the birthday card we sent too. Katie did well at State. She came in 15th in hurdles. Nolan came in 4th place in the hurdles. Katie's shuttle hurdle team came in 12th. We had a great time. Now it's 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, and I should get to bed--graduation and party tomorrow. Alas, no Grandma or aunts here this time to help. We love you, Mom.